When my alarm goes off in the morning, I have two choices. Snooze once and I will inevitably be at least half an hour late for work because, as we all know, one can never snooze just once.

The second option, which provides greater long term benefits, is to eagerly jump out of bed and kick start my day with ample time to prepare both mind and body, pack a lunch and avoid the rush hour traffic.

Yet every day, I snooze. And snooze. And snooze and snooze and snooze. A few months ago I even challenged myself to spend one month, just one solitary month, banned from hitting the snooze button. Could I do it? Could I heck. I gave in on day 7 (including several sneaky snoozes before that).

On the snooze days, I am subjecting myself to an entire day of ‘catching up’. I rush out of bed, I rush to get ready, to leave the house, to get to work. I spend the day feeling flustered and I also am wide awake that night (having taken all day to fully wake up), meaning I can’t get to sleep and I set my alarm for the next day knowing full well that it too will be a snooze day.

Then there are the other days, the fleeting yet blissful days where I get up. I make myself presentable and kiss my partner good bye as skip down the hallway before enjoying a calm drive into work, collecting my coffee and opening my laptop to see what the day will bring. Those days I get things done. I maintain a tranquil yet determined demeanor and cross things off my to-do list with a self-accomplished flourish. I make a pledge to myself that from this point forwards, there will be no more snooze days.

And then, as has happened so many times before, I snooze.

I have realized that the sensations associated with these types of day boil down to two sides of the same coin. On the days I snooze, I feel as if I am simply letting life happen to me. I’m on the back foot, scrabbling to keep up and barely treading water until I can go back to bed. On the good days, I am making life happen. I am planning ahead, making decisions and forging forwards to a new and improved future.

I no longer wish to snooze. This week, my aim is simply to have two of the ‘other’ days. No more, no less. The fruits of this exercise will probably shine through in either my abundance or total lack of writing. Let’s see how we go…


4 thoughts on “Are you letting life happen?

  1. Sounds like you have a plan! Good luck! I know exactly what you’re talking about. Today I woke up early and had ample time to get ready in the morning. Today has been a productive and pleasant time so far!

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