Where to begin.


Earlier this year, I (along with my boyfriend) achieved a lifelong dream of moving to America. Along with this came warmer weather, a cheaper cost of living and more free time. Having lived in London most of my adult years I feel like I’ve gone from battling my way upstream to floating around in the jacuzzi of life, but floating isn’t something I want to be doing forever.

With one goal firmly ticked off, I’m now setting out to conquer a bunch more, ultimately achieving that elusive state of ‘balance’. I set up this blog to keep myself focused – I have a habit of starting 100 projects and never finishing any of them – as well as a kind of diary of our new lives stateside.

Posts here will fall into three main categories; Travel, Career and Life.

  • Travel is one of our greatest passions, and I happen to think we’re pretty good at it. We’ll be sharing photos and stories from our various trips, as well as the tricks and hacks we’ve picked up along the way.
  • As part of the goals I’d like to tick off, finding happiness in my career is a biggie. Whilst I currently have a pretty good job I don’t feel like quitting anytime soon, I’m really not pursuing my passion. I don’t jump out of bed every morning, I dread checking work emails when I’m out of the office and I still get the Sunday night blues. All of those things need to change but unfortunately I have no idea what I actually want to do. These posts will document my journey into finding that out, including what has helped and what definitely hasn’t. If you’re in the same boat, I hope this will help you find some clarity too.
  • Finally, ‘Life’ will house day-to-day ramblings of where I am on this journey to sort everything out. Books I have read, quotes I have heard or new projects I’m working on, all in aid of becoming a better person and learning to accept myself and my flaws. I’m hoping to also include details on how we’re adjusting to USA life for anyone thinking of emigrating.

I’m pretty new to all this, so I’d also love to get your feedback on what you like, what you agree with and what you want to see more of. Basically only positive things and no criticism at all (kidding). (Kind of).

So there you have it. It’s going to brutally honest, marginally entertaining and sometimes cringe-inducingly self-induglent but I’m glad to have you along. Be seeing y’all!



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